On a chilly January morning, two teams of four, one Maroon, one Gray, set out on the ultimate quest: To prove their mastery of trivia knowledge to the entire school in the Sixth Annual Academic Bowl.

In the biggest blowout in Academic Bowl history, the Maroons (Joe, Will, Andrew, Charlie), led by their fearless leader Charlie, came out on top against the Grays (Lilly, Zach, Michael, Antonio [Captain]).

The Maroon squad jumped out to a commanding lead in the first round led by Joe’s math wizardry and Will’s knowledge of just about every category. Be it English, science, pop culture, sports or geography, the Maroons showed strength. The entire History Department was thoroughly impressed when Maroon was able to answer the question, “Who was the last US president born in the 19th century?”

It was a great way to kick off the Winter Carnival. A great time was had by all. Many thanks to all of the teachers who submitted questions, Mr. Pastore and Mr. Stewart for judging, and Mr. Winter and Mr. McGlone for helping with a great introduction. Maroon now leads the all-time series 4-2.
-Mr. Shuman
P.S. Of course you knew the answer to the question above was Dwight D. Eisenhower, right?