Ariel Bush ’08

After graduating from Indian Mountain, Ariel stayed in Lakeville and attended The Hotchkiss School. Then, in college, she studied Classical Languages (Latin and Ancient Greek), English, and Religious Studies at Connecticut College, earning her B.A. in 2016. While in college, Ariel studied abroad in Rome, Italy, furthering her interest in Classics and passion for travel. After graduating, she worked as a private tutor in upstate New York for several families with children across all age levels. Although she greatly enjoyed the children she worked with, she is absolutely thrilled to be returning to Indian Mountain.

What is the best advice you ever received?
“Stand on tiptoe.” This was actually a quote from the old head of school at Hotchkiss. It always stuck with me because of its double meaning. Firstly, it means to reach high and strive for your dreams and desires. But secondly, it also means don’t always stay where you are comfortable – sometimes it’s good to be a little uncomfortable.

If you could have an unlimited stockpile of one thing what would you choose?
Books! I love to read and if I had a never ending amount of books I’d be in heaven.

What is the most memorable book that you read while a student at IMS?
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. We read it in my 9th grade English class. Not only did the story itself move me, but the surprising point of view of the story sparked the writer inside of me.

What is the best meal that you’ve ever had on vacation?
While my answer didn’t necessarily happen while I was on vacation, I’m still going to count it since it took place while I was abroad. I studied in Rome my junior year of college, and during that visit, my school took me on a comprehensive trip of Sicily. While on this trip, we stopped in a remote mountain town for the night. An older couple ran this tiny inn that barely held all of us, and while we were there, in good Italian fashion, the couple made us a homemade meal of lasagna and roast chicken. To this day, that lasagna was the best thing I have ever tasted.

What is your favorite song in your music library right now?
I have two answers to this! First, is “Praying” by Kesha. I find this song incredibly important. Its message is meaningful, moving, and valuable. My second answer is “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons because it’s just so dang catchy.