After his life-changing experience at IMS, Dr. Brian Pecchia graduated from Millbrook School and attended Marist College where he received a degree in Athletic Training. Following Marist, Brian earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University, completed his residency, and now specializes in orthopedics. Brian returned home to Millbrook, NY to work for his longtime physical therapy mentor, Bill BreMiller, at MOST Physical Therapy. Now a part owner of the company, they have three locations in the Hudson Valley with nearly 30 employees. Brian is an active member of the NY State Physical Therapy Association, Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the Advisory Board to the newly formed Physical Therapy Program at Marist College. He married his Marist sweetheart Jessica in 2012 and has been blessed with two amazing children; Emilia, 3, and Lucca, 1. Brian also coaches defense for the Marist College hockey team and can be seen at Millbrook School coaching his daughter in the learn–to–play hockey program. Dr. Brian would like to thank the many people at IMS, past and present, for inspiring and shaping him to be the determined and dedicated father, friend, therapist, and professional he is today.

What is the best advice you ever received?
Family comes first; this is how I was raised and how I am trying to live and inspire my family. The strong bonds with our loved ones help to raise us up when we are down and to celebrate together all things big and small.  

If you could have an unlimited stockpile of one thing what would you choose?
Time with my kids.

Peanut butter.

Sleep; you can imagine a business owner, a teacher, a coach, a husband, and father of two small children burns the candle at both ends. Sorry, that’s three things!

What is the most memorable book that you read while a student at IMS?
Lord of the Flies; the class of 2000 and Ms. Parker know why!

What is the best meal that you’ve ever had on vacation?
My Great Aunt Franca’s lasagna when visiting family in Lucca, Italy on my honeymoon. There is nothing better than any food with your family, and there is nothing like the amazing bechamel sauce she makes.

What is your favorite song in your music library right now?
The title is ‘God of All My Days,’ by Casting Crowns. My favorite line from the song is “I ran from You, I wandered in the shadows, and found a God who relentlessly pursues.” My wife and I are seeing this band in Poughkeepsie, NY later this month!