The varsity girls basketball team defeated Millbrook School Friday by holding their lead to the last second in a close matchup.  The IMS team began the game with consecutive scores and steals.  Millbrook was struggling to combat the rotation of the IMS zone and the pressure upcourt by Kate.  IMS quickly went up 9-0.  At the half, Millbrook maintained their distance, keeping the lead at nine, 20-11.

In the second half, IMS showed signs of tiring.  The squad, with depleted numbers and few substitutes, lost some of the intensity and focus they possessed in the first half.  The Millbrook team was able to exploit weaknesses in the IMS zone defense and dominated under the basket.  They closed the score quickly and began to trade leads with IMS.  With 19 seconds remaining in the second half, Millbrook turned over the ball.  After a time out, Kimmie inbounded the ball to Haley.  She led the offense as they stalled the last seconds of the game.

Anna led the offense in this contest, scoring a season high 18 points.  Love led the team at point gaurd.  Jane demonstrated improved court awareness on defense, garnering multiple steals, while Kimmie contributed a number of clutch shot blocks.  In the second half, Haley took charge of a number of possessions, setting up her teammates for crucial scoring opportunities.  The varsity team improved their record to 3-2 with this win.