On Thursday, January 26, 2012, IMS enjoyed another fantastic Winter Carnival. The day began with the Academic Bowl. Although the competitors were fierce and the questions were tough, it was a great match-up. In the end, Maroon triumphed. Who knew that Joe was a human calculator? Or that Antonio knew so much about US history? As the Academic Bowl came to a conclusion, we regathered for another color competition. This particular battle required skill, poise, and incredible hand-eye coordination. The competition? Rock-Paper-Scissors…Maroon and Gray style. It came down to the top four, but in the end, Sherman was victorious and Gray took the prize.

The afternoon continued at Butternut Ski Mountain where everyone enjoyed cold-cut sandwiches and wraps, as well as some delicious chili and freshly made cookies. Hot cocoa and tasty oranges kept spirits high and energy levels up as skiing, snowboarding, and tubing consumed the afternoon. The weather held out just long enough for everyone to get a full afternoon of play outside. All in all, it was an amazing day; one in which faculty and students could simply go out and play.

–Sara McChesney