Chilling winds met the young atheletes of the Bobcats soccer team as they took the field against Rudolph Steiner on Friday.  The team was slow to find their rhythem in the cold temperatures, but once they did, their unselfish team play led to another Indian Mountain victory.  The IMS attack took numerous shots in the first half on attempts by Andrew, Lucie, Wyatt, and Elle, but it was not until Andrew scored that the the Falcons really increased the intensity of their play.  Defense became the most important element of the Bobcats game as they fought against the Steiner attack to maintain possession and wind down the clock to victory.  Abby and Elle played marvelously at the sweeper position, while Elle and Nate split time securing the stopper postition.  The young IMS athltetes showed their mettle in the waining minutes of the second half and helped to improve the team record to 3 wins and 2 losses.