On May 6, ESL students (those who speak English as a Second Language) participated in an annual field trip to Lee J. Kellogg School in Falls Village for “Cultural Exchange Day.” In small groups divided according to the country of its participants, students presented information about their countries to the Kellogg students in grades 5-8.

Santiago Boudhors wrote about the day, “I had a great experience on my field trip. During the trip, there were some funny moments. The part I most enjoyed was presenting what my country represents to me to other people who don’t necessarily know too much about it. Most of the kids at the school were nice and listened closely to everything we said.”

David Lee commented, “After teaching these students, I realized how hard it is to teach and make students excited. This field trip was very tiring and hard but it was worth it because it gave me a new experience.”

After leaving school, the students enjoyed a bit of the beautiful day exploring the great falls and having a leisurely lunch out in Canaan. Once again, our exchange with Lee J. Kellogg School was a success and a memorable day.