On Monday, April 30, the Indian Mountain School’s Diversity Committee put on its sixth Diversity Day.  Like past Diversity Days, students were excused from academic classes and, instead, participated in various workshops and events throughout the day. 
The morning began with a presentation about the service trip that travelled to Ecuador. First, Ellie Molyneux and Sarah Bonk showed the amazing video documentary that they both directed and edited. Then, the group of students spoke passionately about their own experiences and conducted a question and answer session. Needless to say, this part of Diversity Day was a general highlight for most people. 
Not only IMS faculty but also other members of the community generously donated their time and energy into running workshops that the students benefitted greatly from. Furthermore, it was with the support of the dining hall staff that the special lunch was such a huge a success, offering samples and tastes from around the world. 
The day concluded with a special performance from the Ram Miles Quartet with guest guitarist and vocalist. This talented group of musicians brought together a diverse cross sample of jazz and Latin sounds with sampled traditional field songs and original pieces. They ended with music from New Orleans, which tied into a popular workshop that many students participated in.