It has been an incredible season of athletics at IMS. Congratulations to the athletes for giving it their all and improving each and every day. Thank you to parents and coaches for supporting our players throughout the season. Winter sports are near and we can’t wait to do it all over again.

It’s Rumsey Week! Let’s jump into it. 

By Adam Marcia

Varsity Girls Soccer hosted the Junior Girl’s Soccer Tournament this past Saturday. Four surrounding schools attended the tournament: IMS, Fay School, Rumsey Hall, and Rectory School. The sound of the air horn marked the start of competition. With 30 minutes a game, the four teams battled it out in effort to advance to the next level in the bracket. IMS performed at an impressive level, scoring as follows: 5-0, 6-0, and 4-1. The Falcon’s strength was brought head to head with Fay, who likewise dominated in the tournament. The final match vs. Fay came out to be a 4-2 victory for the Falcons. Thank you Fay, Rumsey Hall, and Rectory for bringing the competitive spirit and coming out to participate in the tournament. 

On Wednesday, Girls Varsity Soccer also traveled to Kingswood Oxford School. KO was a well balanced team, moved the ball around effectively, pressed on the offensive side of the ball, and played with physicality. Despite this, IMS outmaneuvered them and came away with a 6-1 victory with goals and assists by Emma and Jocy. The midfield and defense continued to manage the game effectively. Katherine especially showed off her athletic abilities by making a diving save in the net. Next, the team travels to Rumsey for our last game of the season. Wish them luck!

JV Girls Soccer hosted Washington Montessori School on Monday for their first game on the new turf field. This game was all about hustle on the turf’s generous terrain. WMS managed to slide in a single goal in the first half. The Falcons brought the heat in the second half. Caroline made several solid runs on offense, Claire kept the ball moving around the field, and Barrett held down the fort on defense. Ellie made an impressive stop by poking the ball out from the opponent’s feet and right to Gibby at mid-field, who then passed it onto Ryan in the box. Receiving Gibby’s pass, Ryan wound back and sent the ball into the net to tie up the game. The match ended in a 1-1 tie. Congratulations to the JV Girls Soccer team for an amazing season! They definitely had some of the most fun this fall out on the pitch!

Boys Varsity Soccer traveled to Eaglebrook School on Saturday. The team made some incredible runs. The Falcon’s first game was a competitive match up against Cardigan Mountain School, who is known for their refined athletics program. The Falcons brought the game to penalties and came out with the 3-1 win in the end. Their next game was against Fay School, where the Falcon’s fought hard for their 2-1 victory. Then they played Eaglebrook’s JV team and also came out on top. IMS’ success brought them to the elimination rounds. The Falcons went up against Fessenden and brought it to a tie. Penalty kicks decided the outcome, and unfortunately IMS fell short. Marcus and Jeremiah displayed their athleticism on both ends of the field, Arturo and Abdul brought the lightning on offense, and Wynn locked it down on defense. Props to IMS for showing out at this competitive tournament and bringing home the 3rd place prize.

The Varsity Boys Soccer team plays their biggest game of the season tonight at Hotchkiss. It’s against none other than Rumsey Hall. The game is under the lights at 6:30pm. Come out to Hotchkiss and cheer on the Falcons in their final and most electrifying match of the season!

JV Boys Soccer played Region 1 at home on Tuesday. This local soccer powerhouse brought their A-game. IMS responded to their high-level effort with more intensity. One of the team’s coaches was impressed with their gameplay, stating, “They (IMS) really operated as a unit today. It was glorious to see.” There were almost too many highlights to report. Region 1 has historically been a formidable opponent for the Falcons. On Tuesday, IMS gave them a run for their money. They did fall short in the end, 2-3, but it was inspiring to see this JV boys team play at such a remarkable capacity.

JV Boys then played Dutchess Day school yesterday at home. Edward went on a goal-shooting frenzy this game, banking a beaut off the crossbar that didn’t end up going in, but was still an impressive feat. This wild shot must’ve sent the Falcons into the Twilight Zone, because 2 minutes later, the ball somehow bounced off an IMS player’s foot and into their own goal. This was a truly captivating game to watch.

Come support JV boys soccer Friday afternoon at home vs. Rumsey Hall, where they home to wrap up their season with a win.

5th and 6th Soccer traveled to play Renbrook School in West Hartford this past Friday. The team played with heart. Miles scored an impressive haul off of three assists from Whitlow and one from Cormac. Reece played with great tenacity in net and made several key saves for the Falcons, one even being a penalty kick. After many back and forth possessions and solid runs up the field, the Falcons tied their opponent 4-4. 5th and 6th Soccer travels to play Rumsey Hall Friday afternoon. Wish them luck in their final match this Fall!

Cross Country team has been putting in the work and training hard, anticipating a rivalrous meet Friday at home vs. Rumsey Hall. The Falcons are hungry for another victory, and plan to run with grit and determination. Come support the Cross Country team at home!

Mountain Biking’s last race was at Norbrook Farms for their Championship meet. Congratulations again to them for taking home the trophy for the Junior category! It has been a season full of ups and downs, shredding the trails and finishing through broken chains. Mountain Biking has ridden on some tough courses and steep terrain this Fall. This team wheeled home many victories and represented IMS with pride all season long. Kudos to Mountain biking for their grit and enthusiasm this season. 

Varsity Volleyball attended Rumsey’s Volleyball tournament on Saturday. The team played well and gave it their all throughout the tournament. They brought that same energy to Kent where they played the JV team yesterday. Varsity Volleyball should continue to triumph tomorrow when they play Rumsey Hall. Volleyball has made impressive strides this season and found success against several challenging teams. This squad in particular played with great intensity and finesse throughout the season. Congratulations to Varsity Volleyball for their many victories this Fall. Wish them luck at their final game of the season against Rumsey Hall!

JV Volleyball hosted Oakwood Friends School on Tuesday. After coming off a win when they played them last, the Falcons brought the heat to their opposition yet again. Harper and Esther had some remarkable serving streaks that earned IMS a lot of consecutive points. This put IMS ahead of the competition, and allowed the team to comfortably win the first two sets. During the final set Claire and Ingrid stepped up big to take it home for the Falcons, who finished with a sweeping victory. Come support JV Volleyball at home Friday as they play Rumsey Hall for the final game of the season! 


Go Falcons!