Fall 2022 Sports Awards and Recipients

Every season, we celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes with a gathering on the Upper Campus. Players share speeches and highlights from the season, and coaches give awards to individual athletes for their sportsmanship and effort.
This week, certificates for Most Valuable Player (MVP), Most Improved Player (MIP) as well as Coaches Awards and other team-specific honors. Congratulations to all of  our Falcons!

Varsity Boys Soccer:

MVP: Ross Ezrow 

MVP: Marcus Paul

Coaches Award: Diego Zaragoza

MIP: Wally Rollins


JV Boys Soccer:

MIP: Rob Relyea

MIP: Nekhel Mckella

Coaches Award: Rex Ezrow

Coaches Award: Paco Muzaurieta


Varsity Girls Soccer:

MVP: Jocyline Koffi

MVP: Emma Ohler

MIP: Clarisse Moucha

Coaches Award: Paisley Pecchia


JV Girls Soccer:

MVP: Gibby Will

MIP: Ryan Seelenbrandt

Coaches Award: Marygrace Hussey


5/6 Soccer:

MVP: Miles Gargill

MIP: Charlotte Sutton-Do

Coaches Award: Ryan Turnure

Coaches Award: Whitlow Cheney


Cross Country:

Girls MVP: Margaret Marcum

Boys MVP: Miki Barrant

Girls MIP: Alexandra Hornblower

Boys MIP: Jaime De Lucas

Coaches Award: José Jiménez Rodríguez

Coaches Award: Ingrid Schmitt



MVR: Caroline Davis

MVR: Addax Bardel

MIR: Sydney Nuzum


Mountain Biking:

MVP: Cyrus Taber

MIP: Kristin Wells

Coaches Award: Pearse Kintzel


Varsity Volleyball:

MVP: Dailyn Simancas Alcazar

Coaches Award: Aza Fowler

Coaches Award: Rosie Muzaurieta


JV Volleyball:

MVP: Harper Pecchia

MIP: Esther Dostaly

Coaches Award: Annabel Prinz

Coaches Award: Alexis Lee 



MIP: Addison Brown

MIP: Miles Stern