Every season, we celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes with a gathering on the Upper Campus. Players share speeches and highlights from the season, and coaches give awards to individual athletes for their sportsmanship and effort.
Certificates for Most Valuable Player (MVP), Most Improved Player (MIP) as well as Coaches Awards were awarded last week. Congratulations to all of our Falcons!

Varsity Boys Baskeball:

MVP: Jeremiah Coty

Coaches Award: Nosa Oghagbon

Coaches Award: Jose Jimenez


Varsity Girls Basketball:

MVP: Genesis Villegas

MIP: Imogen Walter

Coaches Award: Emma Ohler

Coaches Award: Rosie Muzaurieta


JV Boys Basketball:

MVP: Ed Park

MIP: Nekhel McKella

MIP: Bright Wang

Coaches Award: Huxley Eaton


5/6 Boys Basketball:

MVP: Miles Gargill

MIP: Jack LeVangia

Coaches Award: Niall Mclain

Coaches Award: Reece Eckert 


Ski Race:

MVP: Rose Morlock

MVP: Wynn Stern

MIP: Addie Brown

Coaches Award: Pearse Kinzel



MIP: Fanny Randolph

Coaches Award: Evie Scofield

Coaches Award: Marina Greenberg

Coaches Award: Jess Sonner


Varsity Hockey:

MIP: Aidan Perkins

Coaches Award: Lionel Maltby

Coaches Award: Will Soja 


JV Hockey:

MIP: Dennis Nestler

MIP: Nikita Weiss

Coaches Award: Jack Wallach



MIP: Harper Leigh Cullen

Coaches Award: Connor Li


Varsity Squash:

MVP: Santiago Meza Rivera

MIP: Helen Wood

MIP: Pippa Clark

Coaches Award: James Vazquez


JV Developmental Squash:

Coaches Award: Alexis Lee

Coaches Award: Rex Ezrow

MIP: Letitia Liu

MIP: Benewa Donkor