It was a great season punctuated by some impressive performances!

Varsity Boys Lacrosse capped off an up and down season with an excellent showing at the Junior School Lacrosse Tournament, taking home second place. They finished the year with a one-goal loss to Rumsey and a one-goal victory against Salisbury. As a young team, there were many learning curves this season and they look forward to even more success next year. Kayo Wiggins and Isaac Kante were the co-MVPs of the team. Kayo picked up lacrosse very quickly and played against the other team’s best player every game, coming out of those matchups with favorable outcomes. Isaac was the vocal leader of the team and was the workhorse from the midfield position. Burke Bogardus earned the Coaches Award for his great attitude at every practice and his quiet but effective leadership on the field.

JV Boys Lacrosse finished the season on a high note, beating Berkshire Country Day School by two goals after losing to them by six goals just one week earlier. No one approached every practice and game with more enthusiasm than Coaches Award recipient, Rusty Chandler. He was always the first one to volunteer, lend a hand, or take the lead and was truly a team-first player. Kyle Lockwood and Ryan Ahlawat both received Most Improved Player Awards for their incredible progress throughout the season. As first year players, they had a lot to learn about lacrosse and both boys took every opportunity to work on their craft.

Girls Lacrosse enjoyed the opportunity to scrimmage Berkshire School one more time in the last week of the season. Each time the teams faced off, it always seemed to come down to a late goal that would propel one team to victory. In their last competition, IMS was able to prevail. MVP Ellie Traggio dominated all season on all parts of the field. A pass first player, Ellie always found her open teammates and set up countless scoring opportunities, while also being a lockdown defender and stallworth in transition. As her career at IMS comes to a close, her future in lacrosse at higher levels is very bright. Jin Chey and Madison Broadus earned Coaches Awards this year. No team is successful without members who can contribute on and off the field and that is exactly what these girls did. A positive attitude and perseverance can inspire teammates to perform their best, even in the face of adversity. First year player, Claire Yoon, was the team’s Most Improved Player. Through constant practice and determination, Claire was able to become a reliable contributor for her team and her potential is very high.

JV Tennis had a really great season of growth and development, with many of the older members of the team setting a great example for the younger players. Marisin McLain and Jamie Levine received Coaches Awards for their excellent contributions to the team and overall zest for the sport. Oliver Chen was the Most Improved Player for the team. As a new tennis player, Oliver went from a middle of the pack JV player at the beginning of the season to having the ability to challenge many of the Varsity players at season’s end. Oliver is excited to pursue tennis further in the coming year.

Softball had a tremendous end of the season, with two come-from-behind victories over Salisbury Center and Sherman School, respectively. From the beginning, this year’s team had a strong sense of togetherness and this allowed them to overcome deficits all season long. Maddy Lodowski was the teams MVP and is a truly talented Softball player. From the mound and at the plate, Maddy set the tone for the team and was able to keep the opponent off the scoreboard for many innings at a time with her accurate and precise pitching. Hollis Churchill and Hanzi Zhu were the team’s Coaches Award recipients. As returning members of the team, both girls knew what would be expected of them and made sure that their teammates were well prepared as well. Coaches Vaughn and McAfee could always count on Hollis and Hanzi to step up and lead, regardless of the situation and both girls will be missed greatly next year.

Varsity Tennis entered the year with a very inexperienced roster and it was unclear at first how competitive this years team would be. After a few weeks, it became very evident that replacing last years talented roster was not as insurmountable a task as initially thought. MVP Alex Liange emerged as a very strong, top-of-the-ladder player, who would face the opponent’s best competition and challenge them deep into the match. Coaches Hodosy and Hodosy chose Hans Shen as the member of the team most deserving of the Coaches Award. Hans never stopped seeking to improve his game, whether this meant extra conditioning after practice or hours of practice on the weekend when the rest of the team was idle. His work ethic was exemplary and his attitude was never wavering. Fred Coulibaly was the team’s Most Improved Player. As a first year player, Fred was talented enough to make the varsity team and from there, he worked his way up the ladder and by season’s end, he was playing singles matches and contributing key wins for the team.

Varsity Baseball came into the year looking to replace some very talented players. With low numbers and a young team, the boys initially struggled to find their stride but as the season progressed, improvement was very evident. The best example of this was in one of their last games when they beat Masters by a few runs, after losing via the mercy rule earlier this season. Part of the reason for their tremendous turn around was due to Coaches Award recipients Keenan Wysocki and Tai McBride. Both boys were versatile and went anywhere on the field for the service of the team. Coaches Barillaro and Dewey could count on these boys to always be ready to play and to elevate the level of their teammates.

JV Baseball enjoyed a very good season with a team that combined a lot of youth and inexperience with an enthusiasm for learning and passion for competition. Jack Nestler was the MVP of the team. From the mound, Jack could be relied on to suppress the other team’s lineup and keep his team in the game. While at shortstop, he would turn great defensive plays and rob the opponents of would-be hits and runs. Will Taaffe earned the Coaches Award this season. Despite being new to the sport, Will would always heed advice and tips from his coaches and did not let lack of experience damper his spirits. Anthony Sorriento was the team’s Most Improved Player. As a returner to the team, the growth that Anthony showed from beginning to end was remarkable. His ability at the plate and in the field was impressive he surprised his coaches at each new feat he accomplished.

The Golf team had a successful season and with the entire team returning for another go next season, there is a lot of anticipation about future success. Jamie Winston and Kelly Kim were the Coaches Award recipients this season. Golf is a sport that requires a lot of mental toughness and concentration and both Jamie and Kelly came to practice everyday to get better. On a young team, both were relied on to demonstrate proper work ethic and were very reliable during their matches as well.

As a very successful and and exciting spring season comes to a close, there are equal parts nostalgia and excitement for our athletes who are moving on and for those returning next year. Go Falcons!