The Indian Mountain junior varsity girls soccer team showed outstanding enthusiasm mixed with true grit in their match against a much older Hotchkiss team on Wednesday.  During the second half, the team displayed much more confidence on the field and maintained offensive control much more often than in the first half.  Maggie capitalized on the team’s improved ball movement to score the sole Falcon goal of the game.  Meanwhile, the IMS athletes also stepped up their defensive play in the second half, as the backs helped clear the center of the field much more readily as the game progressed.

Alex was the most outstanding Falcon player.  Coach Stewart referred to her as “the best natural goalie I’ve coached in years,” and her play during the game included many great saves that kept IMS in the game and provided a boost of confidence for her teammates.

The challenging matchup proved the mettle of the JV girls team and should help to bolster their intesity in upcoming matches.  The girls will play their next game at home against Berkshire Country Day School on Friday.