The Lower School recently hosted its annual community dinner inspired by the folktale Stone Soup. On Wednesday, November 14, families gathered to break bread, share what we have, and enjoy good company.

Lower School Head Rebekah Jordan says the idea for the dinner comes from a “desire to come together in gratitude for the warmth of the community.” She adds, “Just like the Stone Soup stories, when we gather as a community, we have more than we have alone.”

Thought prompts were written on the tables so students, teachers, and families could reflect on the spirit of Stone Soup and the holiday season.

Leading up to the Thanksgiving break, Lower School students have also explored the ideas of gratitude and community within their own classrooms. Children have reflected on what they’re grateful for in their own lives, and on the impact their actions have when they “flex their kindness muscles” and give back. As part of this initiative, we held a food drive to support our local food pantry and we are proud of our success! 

Our school’s founding motto, Life Through Service, inspires a regular and ongoing spirit of kindness, generosity, and empathy, and we place a particular emphasis on these important things during this special time of year.