As the spring season nears completion, here are a few highlights from our spring teams in our latest Falcon Report:

Our Varsity Tennis team started strong and has continued to have a fantastic season. Not only have they won a majority of their games but the leadership from Captains Charlie, Letitia, and Santi has been essential to help build and maintain a strong culture within the team. The team recently enjoyed a rare off-day and had a team bonding day at one of the local day student’s homes. The team currently has a record of 10 wins and 3 losses.

Our JV Tennis team has been building and progressing all year. Most of their matches have been very close, with the developing players needing to dig deep to help the team achieve success. This type of season forces everyone to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. The growth so far this season has been great and many of these players have a Varsity future next year and beyond. 

Our 5/6 (Developmental) team has also been learning and growing within the sport this year. While this program is dedicated to having fun and some days do not involve traditional tennis instruction, there have also been many members of the team who have progressed greatly in the past two months. They just had their first match of the year where they got to test themselves against another school’s team. Unfortunately, the match was cut short due to thunderstorms but they have another chance coming up in two weeks!

The Softball team entered the year very inexperienced, with the majority of the roster being seventh graders. With the leadership of Harper (eighth grade) and Louella (ninth grade), the team has progressed rapidly and continues to battle hard in their games. Another great aspect of this group is how close they’ve grown and how much fun they have on a daily basis at practice. Considering the youth of this squad, the future is very bright and we anticipate an even more talented, bonded group in future seasons. They have many games left in the last two weeks of the season and currently have a record of 2 wins and 2 losses. 

After graduating almost all of our top baseball players the past two years, the Baseball team is in a season of rebuilding. Most of the experienced baseball players are in seventh grade or younger so this group has approached the season from the ground up, developing fundamentals and knowledge of the game. They, too, have a bright future and look to build on their recent victory as they move toward season’s end. 

The Ultimate Frisbee team has had a huge season of growth and development. While a few of the players are experienced in the sport, the majority came into the season with almost no history of playing Ultimate, or even throwing a frisbee. Through daily hard work, this group has developed into a talented and dynamic team. Most of their games have been hard fought and while they have not always come out on top, their attitudes and perseverance have been exemplary. With a couple of games left, this team looks to finish the season strong and keep building this relatively new program at IMS. 

The Golf team had an influx of sign-ups at the beginning of the spring season, pushing their roster size to over 20! While only six or seven students can play in a given match, the full group has been present at each practice and working to improve their abilities. In the matches, the team faces the challenge of only competing against local high school teams, so they are at a size and strength disadvantage. Despite this, they have been competitive and have represented IMS to the highest level. With two more matches to go, they’re looking to keep building on their progress this season and end on a high note. 

A new offering to the IMS spring Athletics program, Arts and the Outdoors is a non-competitive sport that blends the use of our campus, mountain, and trails with artwork inspired by time spent outside. Our goal was to offer a program that engages students in multiple disciplines without the traditional competitive nature of our other sports. The group has enjoyed the improving spring weather and this is a program we hope to offer for many years to come. 

The Varsity Girls Lacrosse team has had another outstanding season. Despite losing several starters from last year, this year’s team reloaded and has continued to build on the past few seasons’ successes. They’ve played seven games so far and have a record of 6 wins and 1 loss. With the New England Junior School Girls Lacrosse tournament coming up this weekend, they look for their third consecutive championship! They also have five more games after the tournament, highlighted by four home games on Centennial Field to finish the year. 

The JV Girls Lacrosse team saw a huge jump in enrollment this spring. With about 30 members, this team had a mix of complete beginners and some more advanced players. The coaches’ goals were to develop strong, smarter, and more fit players who look to follow in past players’ footsteps to make the jump to Varsity next year. They’ve had many games so far through wins and losses, have progressed so much. The Girls Lacrosse program is in good hands with this group. 

With about 40 students at the first day of tryouts, the Boys Lacrosse program set a new standard of competitiveness, built on past years of strong play and development. The Varsity team, comprised of 28 members, has had a successful season from a record standpoint (7 wins, 2 losses) but the biggest success of the team has been the continued growth and development of everyone on the roster. The starters have set a high bar of commitment and focus and the reserves have been challenged to keep up. This model ensures a strong season but also leads to a strong team for years to come. The Varsity team travels to Boston in a week for the New England Junior School Boys Lacrosse tournament, looking for their 3rd championship in the past four seasons. 

The JV Boys Lacrosse team hit the ground running this season. With a mix of varsity cuts, younger talent, and new players, the challenge was to bring this team together so they could learn the value of “team” play. The coaches have done a great job developing this team and the progress is evident, both on an individual level and also in terms of team success. Several of the members of this team represent the future of the Varsity program and the collective growth is a testament to the hard work and dedication that this group puts in every day. 


Thus far, it has been a great spring on the IMS Upper Campus, with our students learning, growing, and enjoying the final term of the year.

Go Falcons!