Varsity girls lacrosse played at Berkshire and lost on Friday with a final score of 7-4. At the half, the score was 5-2, meaning that the Falcons successfully maintained the point differential from the end of the first half throughout the second half.

During the second half, the defense worked hard to double team opposing attackmen, and the offense strove to take smartly timed and well-placed shots on goal. Morgan had four unsuccesful shots but scored one goal and had one assist.  Devon contributed three goals, one of which she scored with only two seconds remaining in the game. Back at the IMS net, Tess had seven saves in the first half and one save in the second. Meanwhile, Emily, Morgan, and Sophie led the team with ground ball control, and Molly had one interception while playing point on defense.

The Falcon girls look forward to their exciting game against Kent on Saturday.
Good luck Falcons!