On Thursday, the Indian Mountain Falcons played their final home game this season. They faced Rumsey, and while the team had practiced well and seemed prepared for the game, a combination of the heat, injury, and sickness set the Falcons back from the start.

Rumsey employed a strong and consistent offense Indian Mountain defenders were unable to keep in check. In addition, Falcon players were unable to take advantage of scoring opportunities and were not able to capitalize on man-up situations.

Despite the barrage of pressure and shots, IMS goalies continued to play well throughout the game, and Andrew had a great goal. Issey also scored, but he had the goal taken away due to another player’s presence in the crease. The game ended 8-5, and, while Indian Mountain players were disappointed in the way their last home game went, IMS coaches were pleased with the “never die” attitude that the boys held on to throughout the game.