Varsity Tennis has continued to produce results with smart and consistent play rounding off the season. Coaches Hodosy and Howe commend the team’s players who have worked very hard over the season. Faced with more experienced and advanced opponents, the varsity tennis team has proven their mettle and have learned to play the game more strategically, especially if faced with challenging opponents. The coaches are happy with the results of this year and look forward to developing advanced tactics for next year.
Softball has had a season of high and lows with a mostly inexperienced roster and it was unclear at first how competitive this season’s team would be. However, with the dedication and persistence of the more experienced players on the team, some surprising results were produced. The coaches have observed many invaluable learning experiences throughout their games and will serve the softball team well in the coming seasons. The team had a strong sense of togetherness that helped them overcome deficits all season long.  
JV Boys Lacrosse finishes the season on a high note with a recent win over the Dutchess Day School. While the Junior Varsity Boys Lacrosse team is mostly a developmental program, all players have had their share of competition over the course of the season. All the boys approached their games with enthusiasm and a strong desire to master the nuances of the sport. Many of the first-time players had a lot to learn about lacrosse and took advantage of the opportunity to learn from more experienced players.
Varsity Boys Lacrosse has had a stellar season with a momentous overall win at the New England Junior School Tournament in Boston. Coaches Abendroth and McGlone are extremely pleased with the overall performance of their players where many performed at high levels throughout the season. As a young and relatively inexperienced young team, there were many learning curves this season and the coaches are looking forward to even more success next year.
Varsity Baseball this season has performed well in no small part due to the leadership of the 9th grade team captains. Given the constant game cancellations, players having to practice with intermittent weather, and braving some tough varsity opponents, the team has learned invaluable lessons both on and off the field. Coaches Barillaro and Pecchia look forward to developing this diverse team in upcoming seasons.
Varsity Girls Lacrosse ended the season with a victory against Westminster in an emotional last game. Coaches Chapman and Halsted are pleased with the determination and efforts put forth by the team throughout the season. The coaches are also impressed with the level of intensity and willingness to continuously improve of all players this season. The girls now have a new appreciation for the game of lacrosse as it is as much a mental game as it is physical. The coaches are looking forward to developing a new varsity team next year.
Golf has had an up and down season with constant game cancellations due to intermittent weather. While there have been many successes over the season, coaches Miles and Vickoscis have been working hard to instill a strong work ethic and to encourage consistency during match play. With an overall loss with their last game against Salisbury the coaches are not discouraged because players put forth their best efforts. Golf has been an overall success this season and the coaches are looking forward to continuing the drills and practice necessary for wins next year.
JV Tennis has had an excellent season with several surprise wins under their belts. Coaches Charles and Bush are impressed with the increasing levels of confidence in players, particularly in the latter parts of the season. There were instances when players won because of a strong mental fortitude. The training, practice, and technique development will serve players well when they try-out for Varsity next year. With the recent win over the Kent center many players are confident and pleased with the process they have made this season. The coaches are looking forward to developing players from this team.
JV Girls Lacrosse winds down the season with success on the field with a recently win against Steiner. The team played with effort but were soundly beaten in the ground ball game. Steiner played valiantly with their quickness which made it difficult for the team to find their rhythm. The upcoming dynamic goalie duo of Frankie and Paisley played their first game against Dutchess Day. Both performed very good during the Stenier game. Coach Perkins is pleased with the overall performance and results of this season’s team and thanks everyone for their hard work.

Developmental Tennis finishes the season on a high note with its players experiencing the full-spectrum of tennis. The course ends with players having intermediate skills such as the backhand, forehand, lob & volley techniques. Coach Lam is particularly impressed on the vast majority of players being able to serve consistently. The team has performed well over the season accommodating to brand-new players and more advanced alike. There are many potential tennis players that now have the ability to progress into JV tennis to continue running up ranking ladders.