What an exciting fall athletics season it has been! Every season, we celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes with a gathering on the Upper Campus. Players share speeches and highlights from the season, and coaches give awards to individual athletes for their sportsmanship and effort.

Video Highlights from the Fall 2021 Season:

Fall 2021 Sports Awards and Recipients:

Certificates were presented for Most Valuable Player (MVP), Most Improved Player (MIP) as well as Coaches Awards and other team-specific honors.

Varsity Boys Soccer:

MVP: Daniel Argueta Rosales

MVP: Jonathan Buxton

MIP: Diego Zaragoza

Coaches Award: Tieler Traggio


JV Boys Soccer:

MVP: Wesley Augustin

MVP: Mack Wilmore

MIP: James Vazquez

Coaches Award: Santiago Meza Rivera


Varsity Girls Soccer:

MVP: Lyyli Stern

MVP: Yaps Yapi

MIP: Mollie Ford

Coaches Award: Rory Perkins


JV Girls Soccer:

MIP: Imogen Walter

Coaches Award: Rose Morlock


5/6 Soccer:

MIP: Jesse Maltby

MIP: Sadie Sidran Bender

Coaches Award: Charles Weihman


Cross Country:

Girls MVP: Margaret Marcum

Boys MVP: Jayden Hernandez

Girls MIP: Stephanie Mo

Boys MIP: Ronald Qiao

Falcon Award: Copeland Rollins



Sportsmanship: Daisy Bardel

MIP: All Members


Mountain Biking:

MVP: Greta Meili

MIP: Coco Wang

Coaches Award: Jaxon Visockis

Lifetime Achievement: Darien Espinal


Varsity Volleyball:

MVP: Alexa Billo

MIP: Olivia Tonelli

Coaches Award: Ella Armstrong


JV Volleyball:

MVP: Jessica Sonner

MIP: Bonnie Zhao

Coaches Award: Louella Barillaro



MIP: Evonne Zhang

Coaches Award: Miles Leung