On Thursday, June 6, the IMS Lower School Class of 2019 participated in the Moving UP Day Celebration to mark their graduation from the fourth grade.

Ms. Jordan, Head of Lower School, welcomed family, friends, faculty, and most importantly, students, to the special ceremony. Of the 14 students making up the Class of 2019, she remarked, “They spent much of the year learning to harness their voices and explore the power of words. This is a stage full of enthusiastic contributors and students…It is a group of fierce debaters and equally fierce peacemakers. And above all else, it is a band of bards. Lyricists, storytellers, and poets, the work they produce is poignant, funny, and will knock you over with powerful truths.”

In their final performance together as fourth graders, students sang “Take on the World,” by Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard, accompanied by Ms. Banks.  Then, students in pre-k through third grade bid their older friends farewell with a rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen/Yip Harburg, accompanied by Ms. Banks.

Ms. Tieger, fourth grade teacher, acknowledged and thanked her departing fourth graders before announcing the class gift: a Gaga Ball pit for the Lower School.

After the traditional slideshow created this year by Halle Chandler, the Lower School Class of 2019 and their parents enjoyed refreshments on the playground.

Congratulations to the following students who received certificates for completing grade four at the Lower School:

Members of the Lower School Class of 2019

Pippa Kristina Clark
Thatcher Beeson Meili
Aza Swan Fowler
Lilian Morgan Chandler
Grant Jackson Marvel
Emma Elizabeth Ohler
Angelo John Horosky
Allegra Maitland Hudson
William Reilly Soja
Aidan Michael Rainville
Louella Rose Barillaro
Rhyer Michael Simon
Sydney Rose Howe
Everett Inge Scofield