Gumdrops and gumballs, sprinkles and frosting, candy cane pillars and marshmallow fences, these are some of the materials, along with a large helping of holiday spirit, used by IMS’s sixth grade gingerbread architects.


This year’s designs range from a traditional Santa’s Workshop all the way to The White House. The students worked in teams to combine their imagination and ingenuity into creating their structures.


Carefully assembled, these gingerbread houses required teamwork and precision to create, and a steady hand to transport to the library where they are currently on display. The students and faculty of the Upper Campus submit their voted for the top gingerbread creations with the overall winner… Gumdrop Field!


Students also used the gingerbread creations to learn math in a practical way. The teams had to use the dimensions of their houses to calculate the area and perimeter of their gingerbread construction.


Additionally, the sixth graders wrote creative stories themed around their gingerbread houses. Essays used the settings of the students’ gingerbread houses, however, where these stories went from there was up to the imagination of each child.