The Team B pitted the younger IMS players against a similarly aged group of Salisbury Youth Lacrosse Lakers.  Play went back and forth throughout the first half, and the score at the half was Lakers 2, Falcons 1.  Andrew showed good movement during the half, while Wes and Sam were executed good passes down at the attack position.  Jan had a good first half, scoring when he went to the midfield position.  Wyatt also played well in the goal.  IMS had a lots of good opportunities for drives and shooting.

The Lakers pulled away with four goals during the second half.  Both teams took a lot of shots, and Jan took advantage of open shooting lanes to driving more toward the goal.  He ended the half having successfully scored two more goals. 

During the Team A game, the IMS boys started out strong by making many good passes and taking timely shots.  WHile Salisbury also took a lot of shots and played aggressively, the Falcons moved the ball well, and Jack, Alvaro, and Kyle all scored.  Wes had a nice shot, and Aya assisted Kyle with a great pass that led to Kyle’s goal.  Ernesto also played well in the goal.

The IMS boys played even more aggressively during the second half.  Daniel, Jack, Kyle, and Ernesto all scored, while Jan stepped in at goal and made some excellent stops and saves.  Alvaro did well at both offense and defense, and Daniel had great shot to score.  Jacob played well at both attack and defensive long pole, and Carlos did well at both defensive long pole and midfield.  The boys earned an 8-1 victory.

The matchup proved to be a great experience for both teams, and IMS looks forward to another mathup against the Lakers at the end of the season.