Love is definitely in the air for Valentines Day, but it seems that love has been in the air around campus for quite some time. Here are just a few stories of our IMS alumni couples who have tied the knot.
Alison Lufkin’83 and Jamie Faber ‘82
“We were not a couple at IMS but were in carpool together starting in 7th grade. We were both day students (although Jamie became a boarder in his last year there). We lost touch during our boarding school/high school years but met up again at the same college (Dennison University) and became best friends. We started dating 10 years later and got married in 1999. We live in San Francisco and love it… and have 3 wonderful boys (6-year-old twins and a 10-year-old). Jamie owns several food shops, and I am an interior designer.”
Kate (Pinkham) Riva ’83 and Brian Riva’86
Brian was in 5th grade when Kate was in 8th grade. He always had a crush on her. “When I graduated 9th grade, Brian wrote in my year book, “Good luck next year, have a fun summer.” Definitely a good start to the beginning of our courtship that ended in marriage don’t you think? I wrote in his, “When you become a famous hockey player, give me a call.” It turned out when we started dating in 1996 we opened a hockey store in Colorado. Close…. Brian had always seemed to come in and out of my life after our IMS years. But none of them were like the last time we saw each other when we decided to take it to the next chapter. He was cute at IMS and in 1996 he was a whole lot more.”
Bethany Bowen ’95 and Richard Turnure ’82
“I did not know Richard at IMS because he graduated way before I came to the school. We were both ‘local’ kids. My father had his cabinet shop next door to Richard’s father’s hardware store, but we really never knew each other. Then in 2001 our best friends had a BBQ and we met. We got married in 2006. We have two young children and juggle our busy lives.”
Mimi (Landis) Babcock ’76 and Fritz Babcock ‘72
“I never met Fritz at IMS because he left the year I started. We met at a party, years later, that his mother was giving. She asked Fritz to come to the party to bartend. Little did we know that unbeknownst to either of us, when he arrived his mother introduced us and the rest is history. We dated for three years and then married when I graduated college. We have three boys who all are IMS alums (Holden ’03, Cooper ’05, and Quinn ’09), and I am currently the Director of Admissions at Indian Mountain.”
Anne (Blagden) Blodgett ’53 and Thomas Blodgett ’53
“After IMS, we re-met our junior year at Harvard and Smith Colleges, and married a year after graduating. We moved to Cambridge, England where Tom got a Cambridge University degree. We have lived in N.Y.C. and N.H. mostly ever since, have three children and seven wonderful grandchildren.”
Diane (Cargelli) Houghton ’48 and Larry Houghton ’43
“After my discharge from the Air Force in 1955 I returned to New York and went to work for Bankers Trust. I was an avid skier and spent every weekend I could in the Catskills. I went to a party of some skiing friends in New York and met Diane Cardelli’48 who, by yet another coincidence also worked at Bankers Trust in the Government Bond department. To make a long story short, we were married a year later in 1957 making us the first graduates of IMS to marry one another. The best decision I ever made.”