By Max Abendroth

As we prepare to depart for a well-earned break, we take a look back at the Winter season to recognize some of the incredible accomplishments and milestones of our Winter Athletics teams. 

The Squash team reached a new high this year in terms of interest and enrollment. The addition of our on-campus courts in the Morehead Athletic Center (MAC) certainly contributed to this interest. However, much of the credit goes to our dedicated coaches and especially, our older Varsity squash players for making the sport so inviting and appealing for new students to try. 

The Varsity Squash team had an excellent season, with several of the top players finishing out their IMS careers without losing a match all year. These experienced players also helped foster a terrific environment for the younger students on the team to help carry the legacy in future years. The team placed 21st at Nationals while missing some of the top players, a remarkable accomplishment. 

The JV and Developmental Squash teams also made great strides this season with several of those players having their eyes set on a Varsity position in the coming years. Increased access to court time contributed greatly to the development of our younger teams and the future is so bright for IMS Squash!

What a year for the basketball programs here at IMS! We saw a larger sign-up than ever before. With three boys teams and two girls teams, our new Athletic Center was constantly filled with players practicing and competing. 

Varsity Girls Basketball had the opportunity to play the first-ever game in the MAC and from there, they were off and running. Led by a few key ninth graders, this team had an excellent season. Their success was not only about wins, it was also about how many younger players developed this season and contributed to this team, while also ensuring strong teams in the coming years. 

JV Girls Basketball returned to IMS for the first time in more than a decade and with it, the promise of so many talented players who worked hard all season. The work this group put in will certainly pay dividends as we look to keep building a strong Girls Basketball program. 

Varsity Boys Basketball had a year of growth. After losing so many starters from the previous year’s team, the coaches did not know what to expect. The team came together and formed a close bond which helped them overachieve on the court! Several players got their first Varsity experience this year and with a large portion of the team returning for next season, this group will keep getting better.

The JV Boys and 3rds boys programs were restructured this past year to allow for a more open tryouts and ensure that students were placed on the correct team for their skill level and development. The result was a strong season for both teams. Not only did both squads fight their way to some great wins but they worked closely with students in different grades, strengthening our basketball program and at the same time creating a closer-knit community during the academic day and residential hours.

The Ski Team had a year for the record books! While waiting for snow, the team spent the month of December on campus with Coach Rosen doing dryland training and watching films, preparing for the season ahead. In January, the team went undefeated in all of their races against in the regional ski league. They consistently had seven of the top ten finishers in any given race. Additionally, the team entered NEPSAC Class C Championships for the first time and despite going against all high schoolers, the Boys team took home third place and the girls team was the NEPSAC Champions! We’re so proud of how this team and we know the future will hold many more big moments for this group!

The Swim Team had yet another stellar year of development and success in their races. With a wide array of experience levels, it was uncertain how this team would come together as the season got underway. The ninth-grade leaders on the team set a great example for both work ethic and team culture. The younger students felt welcomed and were encouraged to grow in both fitness and technique. The result was a cohesive team that won all but one of their meets. The graduating students were part of a three-year run of incredible success and leave behind a strong legacy for the next wave of swimmers to follow.

The Hockey program had big year of growth this winter. The Varsity team had the rare combination of more goalies than needed and not enough skaters. Graciously, the goalies took turns contributing to the team’s overall success both in net and skating out. This team-first mentality permeated through the rest of the players and turned out to be a defining characteristic of this team. So many of the players stepped into new roles this season and by season’s end, they put together a couple of great games and ended on a two-game win streak. 

The JV Hockey team had a larger roster than any team in recent memory. With a full range of experience and talent, this team’s priority was to develop as hockey players and athletes but never lose sight of having fun every day at practice. Almost the entire team will be returning for next year so the future of the JV team, and by association, the Varsity Hockey team, is bright!

The Dance team had a wonderful season. They added two new coaches and found a new dance studio, so the season got off to a slower start than usual and then took off! Students dove into several types of dance all the while becoming close collaborators who had a lot of fun while learning so much and growing as a dance group. The end of term dance recital was an exceptional display of talent, skilled choreography and teamwork. Moving forward, this team will get to dance and train in our new performing arts center and the program will continue to grow and thrive.

The Rec Ski team began going to Catamount after winter break when there was enough snow. Then the team was able to enjoy three-to-four days every week on the slopes. The purpose of the team is for students to enjoy their time skiing and snowboarding without the pressures of competition.  Despite some unusually warm days and some rain, the team managed to have a full, dun  season of skiing and snowboarding.

We’re so proud of all of our Winter teams and athletes. Their contributions to the athletics program helped build our strong teams and overall culture of good sportsmanship and teamwork. We thank everyone for a great season and look forward to another successful season in the spring.