The Varsity Girls Lacrosse team won the Rumsey Hall Girls Lacrosse Invitational for a second year in a row!! They went 4-0 in the tournament including a dominant performance in the championship game. Congratulations!
Here are more highlights from the week in IMS athletics:
By Adam Marcia

Varsity Tennis traveled up the road to Hotchkiss to play their JV girls team. Though the Falcons couldn’t take enough games for the win, they fought hard without some of their top players. Rose, Clarisse, Dorothy, Jayden, and Wynn all especially put up a good fight. Hotchkiss has been a worthwhile opponent all season, and the team looks forward to facing their boys team in the last match of the season. Come support Varsity tennis at home tomorrow when they take on Berkshire School.

JV Tennis hosted Washington Montessori School yesterday afternoon. The Falcons pulled out an exciting 5-4 victory over the nearby middle school. Naomi and Shea won an incredibly close match 7-6. Eva and Jessica also went over time and ended up winning another close match 9-8. It has been terrific watching this team grow over the course of the season. Wish them luck as they travel to Dutchess Day School tomorrow afternoon.

JV Baseball played Kent Center School yesterday afternoon. This was a game of great defense. Rex made some key plays from the hot corner. Whitlow had one of the cleanest scoops ever seen and then went to first base for the out. Brooker pitched well and supplemented his performance with two singles, each of which scored a run. Angus also found his way to home plate. Probably the best highlight from this game was Rob’s nuke to center field for an easy double (nearly a triple if the first baseman’s foot wasn’t blocking the bag). JV baseball plays their final game of the season on Monday.

Softball traveled to Rumsey hall yesterday in hopes of redeeming themselves from their last match up back in April. Harper had a solid game on the mound. From behind the plate, Harper Leigh seemed to not let anything by her. She and both Esthers were only a few of the Falcons to have a hit this game. Although IMS couldn’t get the win this time around, they look forward to playing on their home field again tomorrow vs. Sherman Middle School.

Varsity Girls Lacrosse played Miss Halls varsity team for another rivalrous match up. Rosie, Dailyn, and Helen all had a goal each, and Emma had a staggering 7 goals on the day! Harper was fueling all of this scoring with excellent assists and movement on the offensive end. Sophia held it down in the net with 10 saves. Most importantly during the game, Coco was boosting team morale with her “amazing vibes”. Varsity Girls Lacrosse looks forward to their Saturday home game vs. Litchfield Hills.

JV Girls Lacrosse played Mizzentop for the second game in a row yesterday, this time away. The opposing team played fiercely and came out aggressive in the first half. After a motivational half-time speech, a new team motto was created: “fight for the waffle fries!” The Falcons ramped it up and started to win more and more ground balls. Izzy and Juju both scored. After her goal, Juju added a little pizzazz with a celebratory backflip. Phoebe meanwhile held it down in the goal with 12 saves. IMS fought hard throughout, but fell short in the end. Support the team at home tomorrow at 4:00pm as they play Berkshire 3rds.

Varsity Boys Lacrosse traveled all the way to Albany Academy yesterday afternoon. They long drive back felt short, as they secured the 10-3 victory. Wes scored 4 goals and Jeremiah had 2 goals, while also sharing the wealth with 4 assists (one being a no-look pass to Wes). Alex scored both his second and third goal of the season this game, a performance so strong that it broke his stick. Perkins battled hard for a lot of ground balls. Papa Kofi was even showing off his sweet spin moves. Varsity Boys Lacrosse is ready to compete in the Fay Lacrosse tournament this Saturday. 

Ultimate Frisbee traveled to Masters School yesterday afternoon for a competitive match up. The Falcons had their work cut out for them against this older Masters team. While they did fall short in the end, it was an exciting game to watch. Andrew, Caroline, Amy all scored, and Benjamin scored twice. Peter and Rhyer continued to huck the disc far down field, as they have been all season long. This was the final frisbee game of 2023 and the team has never been more proud of one another. Congratulations to Ultimate Frisbee for such a fun and exhilarating season. 


Go Falcons!