Varsity Girls Lacrosse hosted Rumsey Hall yesterday on the turf. IMS brought the heat right out the gate with the midfield, Emma and Paisley, controlling possession and opening up space. This allowed for players to make cuts. Helen noticed this and made an incredibly long pass across the field to the open teammate. Meanwhile, Sophia held it down in the net and had 14 saves on the day, even garnering compliments from the opposing team after the game for her remarkable goalkeeping. The Varsity Girls Lacrosse team once again showed up for the fans at home with this win. They play on the turf again tomorrow at 4:15pm.

Varsity Boys Lacrosse traveled a long way to Westminster yesterday afternoon. The distance resulted in no time for warm up, so the Falcons started off the game cold. By the end of the first half, IMS started to pick up the pace. They got the ball rolling in the second half with a goal each from Leo and James, and two from both Jeremiah and Wes. There was a lot of iso-ball this game, as the opposing team was playing tight coverage and discouraged any easy passes. Unfortunately they fell short this game, but they look forward to playing Rumsey Hall this weekend.

JV Boys Lacrosse traveled to play Rumsey Hall yesterday afternoon. Paco stepped up on defense to try and stop the opposing charge. On the other end of the field, the Falcons were determined to shoot as many shots on goal as they could. At one point, Cormac bobbed and weaved in and out of defenders before finding a small opening in the net for a score. Miki started to find his way this game as he won most of his face-offs. Unfortunately IMS did fall to this talented Rumsey squad, but they have some valuable practice time to prepare for their next match against Trinity Pawling next Friday. 

Varsity Golf played Salisbury School at The Sharon Country Club for their second game of the season. According to one player, the course was “intricate, lovely, and green,” but it was also flatter than they were used to. As a result, IMS couldn’t quite come out on top this time around. The Falcons were still determined to give these older, more experienced players a run for their money. Margaret was only short by 2, Ivonne and Kenden 1, and Chloe tied. One Salisbury player even shot 3 above par, which goes to show the high level of competition the golf team teed off against. 

Ultimate Frisbee re-matched Hotchkiss at home yesterday afternoon. While the Falcons were unable to out-score their opponents in the end, they still put up a good fight. Andrew made a number of spectacular catches in the end zone. Peter even displayed his craftiness with good pivoting, pump fakes, and overhand throws. The entire IMS frisbee team showed an amazing amount of support for their fellow teammates. According to the Hotchkiss coach, IMS was the “Most spirited team they’ve ever played.” IMS Ultimate looks forward to championships next weekend.


Go Falcons!