As a way to come together and better understand our community, IMS joined the global movement to build a UNITY project. The UNITY project is an interactive art installation that promotes human connection, an appreciation of diversity, and a realization that we all have something in common. It is a visually striking structure that helps us celebrate our uniqueness while simultaneously strengthening our ties to each other. It was created to raise consciousness about the labels we give ourselves and others, and explore how those labels both support and limit building interconnected, interesting communities.

The project consists of 32 posts, each with identifiers such as, “I’m a parent; I speak English as a second language; I believe in a higher power,” etc. Participants—including students in Pre-K through Grade 9, faculty and staff, and parents—tie colorful yarn to posts that reflect their identities. As a result, their yarn intertwines with others’ to create a web of interconnectedness.
IMS student ambassadors helped our youngest students and parents through the installation. On the Lower Campus, age-appropriate identifiers were discussed with students before they traveled to the installation on Stockton Field. On the Upper Campus, the relevance of UNITY was discussed during meetings and advisory time and the conversations will continue to evolve this fall and throughout the school year.

More information about UNITY can be found at