On Sunday, September 29, 2013, a group of IMS students and faculty went to Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, CT for the 30th Annual CROP Hunger Walk in Northwest Connecticut.  The purpose of the CROP Walk is to raise both funds and awareness about local and global food shortages. IMS raised more than $1900, the largest contribution of all participating school groups, earning the coveted Golden Sneaker Trophy.
When IMS buses arrived at around 1:30 pm there were already many people on site. An orchestra was playing music and a student from Salisbury School was speaking to encourage us to walk in order to help end hunger. Many people from local areas joined together to support the cause. It was especially meaningful because 25% of the total proceeds will stay within our community and help local residents suffering from hunger.
CROP Hunger Walk was found by CWS (Church World Service) to stop domestic and international food shortages. In October, 1969, the first CROP Hunger Walk took place in Bismarck, ND. Soon, CROP Hunger Walks occurred in a lot of communities, and became national-wide each year before long. In the last 20 years, CROP Hunger Walks have raised more than 294 million dollars to help people feed their families. People from the IMS community contributed to the cause, both by raising money to donate and raising awareness. It also reflected our school’s motto, Life Through Service.
“Mr. John Hoffman was the one who started CROP Hunger Walk at IMS,” said Mrs. Knapp, one of the advisors in Community Service, “It strengthened our Community Service Program, and raised awareness [about] hunger and more sustainable living. We always raise the most among the local private schools. We always have the most people walking, and it is wonderful to support such a great cause. It is also fun to walk with all the people, from elderly in wheel chairs to toddlers,” Mrs. Knapp said.
The walk began at approximately 1:30 pm, with all the enthusiasm of people from IMS, The Hotchkiss School, Salisbury School, and the churches from all local areas.  Participants in the walk were asked to think of the people who are suffering from hunger, some of whom have to walk 20 miles a day on muddy roads just to get water and food for survival.
At the event was Dick Tabor, the first man who brought CROP Hunger Walk to Northwest Connecticut in 1973. He is an amiable man, eager to answer questions about the history of the event. “When I went to Nepal long before, I saw the poor people suffering from hunger in bad conditions. I brought CROP Hunger Walk to Northwest Connecticut. We really saved thousands of lives during that time. It might be the proudest thing I’ve ever done,” said Mr. Tabor “I am really happy with the enthusiasm of the people, you know, simply hydration can save a lot lives! IMS have been supporting this since we came here; you have raised the most money among all the other schools so far! IMS has been very effective in this event, and has helped a lot of people.” Mr. Tabor concluded.
-Maggie Zhu ’14