Fall Athletics: In High Gear

By Eliza Statile

What an exciting fall season it has been so far at IMS! With 9 teams competing both away and at home, we are thrilled to participate in a more traditional fall season this year. Our coaches are looking forward to working with students on how to win and lose graciously, be good teammates, and work hard to accomplish their goals on the athletic field.  

The Mountain Biking Team has been spending time on the mountain learning technical mountain biking skills, clearing trails, and gaining experience on a challenging home course for upcoming races. The team recently travelled to South Kent where fifth grader Greta Meili, in her first race at IMS, placed third for girls and the team had a strong showing. In addition, many other riders completed their first ever competitive race and had strong finishes. 

The Cross Country Team spans grade 5 through 9 and our students are coming in with a variety of experience levels. We had a strong opening race at Rumsey Hall School to start off the season. By a close margin, the team placed in second at the meet, with ninth grader Copey Rollins finishing the 1.7 mile course in 9 mins and 45 seconds. In addition, Margaret Marcum came in second place among all females at the race. On October 6, the team lined up to race at Rumsey Hall again and placed second, losing by only 1 point. Many athletes dominated on this challenging course. New to the sport and in his first IMS race ever, ninth grader Jayden Hernandez placed first for the boys.

The Girls Varsity Soccer team has continued to find success on the pitch, kicking off the season with a few big wins. With talent all around from both new and returning players, the bench is deep and momentum is growing for the girls soccer program at IMS. Early in the season, the team defeated Millbrook School, with Katherine LaFond and a strong defensive line keeping the Mustangs at bay. With goals from Lyyli Stern, Yaps Yapi, Genesis Villegas and Mary Grace Hussey, the Falcons took the lead and played hard throughout the game. On October 1, the team travelled to Miss Hall’s School and did not hesitate to both share the ball with teammates on the offensive end, and capitalize on their opportunities to put the ball in the back of the net. Starting out strong, Olivia Yoon scored the opening goal of the game to put the Falcons in the lead. Shortly thereafter, Olivia assisted Emma Ohler who scored the first of her two goals in the game. In addition, Clarisse Moucha (assisted by Lyyli Stern), Esther Lee (assisted by Sophia Sorriento), and Genesis Villegas each tallied a goal, demonstrating the overall strength of the Falcons offense, taking the game at 6-0.

The Boys Varsity Soccer Team has been busy this fall, traveling to Williston for their annual jamboree and competing in a handful of games both on and off campus. With a large crowd of IMS students, parents, and other fans on the sidelines, the Falcons competed against Pathfinder FC, a soccer club from Dutchess County in their home opener, and came away with their first win of the season. Shortly after, the Falcons travelled to Putnam Science Academy to compete in a match that tested both their offensive and defensive abilities. Daniel Argueta scored both goals in a 4-2 loss against Putnam Science, and the Falcons have been working hard to improve their game as they head into their next match on their home turf versus Hotchkiss on October 8. 

The JV Boys Soccer Team had quite the first home game at IMS against Dutchess Day School. The boys pressed hard against an aggressive  defensive line, continuing to apply pressure on the DDS goalie, but were unable to put the ball in the back of the net until the second half.  Wally Rollins, Tyler Roberts, and Santi Meza Rivera all played well on the offensive end, hustling hard to maintain possession. Despite a 0-0 score at half time, the Falcons were able to capitalize on mistakes of their opponents and make the most of four penalty kicks awarded to them, ending with a 4-0 win. 

The Developmental Golf Team has been practicing on both the IMS campus greens and at Hotchkiss Golf Course. Students have shown significant improvement over the past few weeks and Coach Miles and Coach Vorenberg look forward to working with the team throughout the fall.

The Equestrian Team has continued to develop their technique at the stables. With a number of returning riders alongside riders with limited experience, Coach Clayton is excited to share her knowledge and passion for riding with the team. 

With many returning leaders on the court, the Varsity Volleyball team holds promise for an exceptional season and already their hard work is paying off. The team started off the season with a big 3-2 win over The Hotchkiss School, and then travelled to Kent to continue their winning streak, defeating the Lions with a 3-0 run. The girls used this momentum on October 6 at Miss Hall’s School. With strong serves from Alexa Billo, a veteran on the team, the girls were able to focus on the task at hand, limit distractions of the loud cheers and an unfamiliar court, and come out on top with a 3-0 win against the Hurricanes. 

The JV Volleyball team took the court to open up at home against Rumsey Hall on September 24. The girls learned a lot about themselves as a team and have been working to improve consistency on serves, returns, and digs. They will compete against Rumsey again on October 8 and look to capitalize on their strengths to come out on top.