The Cornwall Library, in the quiet hamlet of Cornwall Village, was not so quiet last Saturday night. The big white colonial that has the look of a barn with its post-and-beam architecture was temporarily transformed for the evening into an Italian bistro and music venue. The occasion? A benefit for the library’s children’s programs. The musical guests? IMS’s own Ram Miles and The Parental Units Band. The band is comprised of accomplished and talented musicians who also, as the name suggests, happen to be the parents of several current Indian Mountain students. Performers included, Zane Acord’s father Michael Acord on drums, Maya’s dad Mitchell Rosenbaum on guitar and harmonica, Kade’s father Bryan McCoy on guitar and vocals, Chris Newallo’s mother Deborah Newallo on vocals, and Maddi and Sarah’s father, the indomitable Mark Devey, also on vocals. Last but not least, on base guitar, the inspiration behind the brilliance, Mr. Ram Miles.


In addition to a large turn out of grateful and excited Cornwall locals, (most of whom had no idea what they were in for), IMS families in the know came from far and wide to catch the rare appearance of this exceptionally gifted ad-hoc band. The motto for the evening was “no music written after 1970” and so, with great charisma and enthusiasm, Ram Miles and the Parental Units began to crank out tune after tune from such greats as Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Band, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker and many, many more. While adeptly adding new flair the “Units” still managed to do the original artists great justice. Mark Devey, never one to sit on the sidelines, deployed his mellifluous voice in honor of the late Gerry Rafferty with a heart felt “Stuck in the Middle With You”, while Bryan McCoy veritably channeled Bob Dylan in his cover ofLike a Rolling Stone.”  As the energy in the room was about at its peak, the “Units” raised the bar yet again. Diners and dancers witnessed something truly unique and special when Deborah Newallo sang “Moon Dance” by Van Morrison. A hush gradually came over the room as carefree revelers one by one had their suspicions confirmed–this was no ordinary experience. The spell lasted throughout the rest of the evening, culminating in a rousing rendition of “The Weight” by The Band, during which each “Unit” member belted out a verse, and then the group sang the last verse together.


The intrepid folks who ventured out on that icy winter night had one question on their minds as they exited the library. “When can we see Ram Miles and The Parental Units again?” The answer? On the evening of May 6, 2011, at the annual IMS auction fundraiser held at the Interlaken Inn from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.


PS: During a break, while the Units ate their dinner, eighth graders Ethan Jadow, Kade McCoy, and Zane Acord took the stage and wowed the audience with an instrumental piece spontaneously concocted on the spot. The result? They’ve been invited back to perform for a more youthful audience at a later date.