Indian Mountain squash won a good match against Berkshire on Friday 5-2. The match was played best of five for the top seven players, while the bottom six players engaged in exhibition matches at best of three.  The top five players, Will, Greg, Cathy, Jack, and Aya, all won their matches. 

Unfortunately, Will’s opponent had to forfeit in the fourth match due an injury.  Greg won his match in three straight games.  Meanhwile, Cathy battled for every point as her opponent played a very different game than Cathy has seen against other opponents.  Cathy fought hard, adjusted her game accordingly, and won in fourth.  Jack sailed through his match defeating his opponent in three straight, and Aya stayed focused and won his match in fourth.  Min Chan and Joseph played beautifully, but each lost in four very close games.  Heidi was the first at best of three, and, although she was down after the first game, she came back and decisively won the next two for a victory. Don had a tougher time this go around and lost his match in two straight.  Jack and Issey came out strong and won their matches quickly in two straight while Avian had to play two matches against number 12 and number 13. She was able to show off her ability, and she won both her matches. 


IMS is ready to take on the Kent girls in their next game on Wednesday, February 24.  Good luck Falcons!