Indian Mountain School (“IMS”), digital currency payment processor GoCoin LLC (“GoCoin”), and Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (“BTCS”), announced today that IMS is now accepting Bitcoin for donations to the school’s fundraising initiatives. The collaboration between IMS, GoCoin and BTCS makes IMS the first elementary/middle school in the United States to accept Bitcoin.

Indian Mountain School, an independent coeducational boarding and day school for children in pre-kindergarten through grade nine, located in Lakeville, Connecticut, will offer parents and other supporters the option to donate with Bitcoin. “Indian Mountain strives to develop innovative and creative thinkers, which is why we build STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning into every student’s experience. We encourage our students to take small risks within our safe and supportive environment and to learn and expand upon those trial-and-error experiments. It is gratifying to see IMS alumnus Charles Allen on the leading edge of a new industry. The fact that forward-thinking school supporters can give to the school through digital currency is an inventive way to bring this out-of-the-box idea home to our students,” commented Head of School Mark A. Devey from IMS.

Charles Allen, CEO of BTCS and alumnus of IMS, commented, “Indian Mountain is taking a leap in the right direction in terms of being a leader of innovation and technology in the education system. We believe this opportunity will not only benefit parents but will broaden the horizon for the next generation and afford IMS students an understanding of new technologies that will no doubt impact their futures.”
Donating to IMS with Bitcoin will be a seamless process through digital currency payment processor GoCoin. “The best way to understand digital currencies is to actively use them, and now both IMS, its students and their parents can all benefit from practical, hands-on experience with this new technology,” said Steve Beauregard, co-founder and CEO of GoCoin.

Supporters who donate with Bitcoin have the benefit of no currency exchange rates, no charge backs and no other fees associated with their payments. Accepting Bitcoin will also benefit international students’ parents who choose to donate with the digital currency. IMS will become the first elementary/middle school in the United States to accept Bitcoin for school fundraising campaigns.

About Indian Mountain School:
Indian Mountain School provides a traditional but forward-thinking education for boys and girls from pre-kindergarten through grade nine in a boarding and day environment. We promote moral growth and personal academic excellence in a setting that fosters a respect for learning, the environment, and each other. We celebrate our international and culturally diverse community. We guide and challenge students through balanced elementary and middle school scholastic, athletic, and arts curricula, combining instruction and coaching with a system of personal support. We involve students in our Adventure Education and community service programs, which tie into the spirit of IMS. We help our students gain confidence in their own innate abilities and develop the necessary academic and personal skills to be successful in secondary education. Learn more at

About GoCoin:
The GoCoin international payment platform makes it easier than ever for online and retail merchants to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods. While payments infrastructure over the last half-century was designed to hold funds for as long as possible, while extracting maximum fees from consumers and merchants, GoCoin enables merchants to reap the benefits of accepting digital currency. GoCoin takes all of the perceived risk of accepting the digital currency on behalf of merchants. Founded in July 2013, GoCoin will process Bitcoin and Litecoin payments for online and brick and mortar retailers, bypassing the often cumbersome and insecure options of virtual exchanges and other third parties. For more information, please visit
Official Website | Facebook | @GOCOIN

About BTCS:
BTCS plans to build a universal digital currency platform with the goal of enabling users to engage in the digital currency ecosystem through one point of access. We currently operate our public beta site ( where consumers can purchase products using digital currency such as bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin, by searching through a selection of over 250,000 items. We provide our customers competitive pricing options from 256 retailers through our “Intelligent Shopping Engine”. All ecommerce customer orders are fulfilled by third party vendors. We plan to use our ecommerce platform as a customer on-ramp for a broader digital currency platform. We have been actively partnering with strategic digital currency companies who have technologies, services or products that are complementary to our business strategy by making investments in them and integrating with them.
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