On Sunday, April 14, students, families, and faculty gathered in Assembly Hall for an international food festival that celebrated delicious cuisine from across the world.

The event was organized by Caitlin Vaughn, Assistant Director of Residential Life, and Darla Kokoszka, Upper Campus Spanish Teacher. Ms. Vaughn shares, “Our students come from many different backgrounds, and our goal was to bring the community together to celebrate diversity and sample a wide range of foods from the cultures to which we are connected.”

Prepared entirely by volunteers, food at the festival was inspired by the following countries:

Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, South Korea, Lebanon, Philippines, Greece, China, Japan, Honduras, Mexico, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Israel, and Nigeria.

In addition to cooking and enjoying delicious food, attendees were treated to a professional salsa performance and on-stage lessons.

“It was a great way to bring the community together,” reflects Ms. Vaughn. “We are grateful to all of the parents, students, and faculty who worked hard to create a successful event and establish a new IMS tradition.”