This spring, a team of student editors launched the school’s first-ever online literary arts magazine. The website aims to share creative works generated by members of the IMS community, including student art, stories, poems, and essays.

Through their creative writing enrichment course taught by Miss Zeiler, students manage everything from the website design to the curation of content. This winter they even put the name of the new literary magazine to an Instagram Poll. (‘The IMS Insider’ edged out ‘The Mountain Views’ by a thin margin.)

Sustainability played a role in the students’ decision to bring the magazine to the masses by going digital. Student editor Yujin Kim notes that last year the school “printed enough paper to go from the bottom of the Statue of Liberty to the top of the torch,” so going green was a contributing factor.

The IMS Insider also aims to bring the community together. Of the recent student-led walkout, seventh grade editor Addie Kiggen shares, “It was really powerful to hear the voices we had never heard before, and to be able to show our opinions in such a welcoming way.” The hope is that the IMS Insider will keep that momentum going, which Yujin says “really reset the mood” on the Upper Campus.

“We want to enable people from the outside looking in to learn what IMS is all about,” notes Addie. “It’s really interesting to see how much work goes into launching and maintaining a website like this.” Each week students rotate jobs — one week might be spent designing promotional posters while the next might entail editing and posting content.

The IMS Insider team accepts submissions from any grade level and even encourages faculty and staff to submit work. If interested in submitting visual artwork, creative fiction, nonfiction, speeches, poems, or essays, email