The Falcon JV lacrosse team walked onto the field at Mizzentop not quite knowing what to expect during the game since Mizzentop has a smaller field than regulation size. However, the IMS team soon became accustomed to the settings and quickly began to recover after Mizzentop gained an early 2-0 lead in the first quarter of play.  IMS adjusted to a faster style of play while Mizzentop used an attackman behind the goal and trying to lure a defensemen out of position.  Once IMS players started to figure out how to use the Mizzentop field to their advantage, they started getting some shots from both Will and Wes got some shots, and, finally, Daniel scored an IMS goal.

In the second quarter, IMS tied things up as Ernesto scored two goals.  Carlos played good defense during the quarter, but Mizzentop retook the lead during the final minutes of the half by scoring two more goals.

Will and Wes played well at attack during the second half, taking shots and creating opportunities for their teammates.  Both Daniel and Jack scored, while John had a great end to the game.  He got a couple saves and blocks.  Jack had another goal, and Kyle had two amazing goals as a result of his conservative and smart play making.  Alvaro made good passes and won most of the face offs throughout the game.  Aya brought it home with some strong defense.

It was a fantastic win for the young JV team.