IMS junior varsity boys lacrosse are off to a good start this season, and the team’s learning curve continues to rise.  Today, the team played an excellent game against Renbrook.  Jack and Ernesto volunteered to play goal in today’s game and both played half of the game. 

Right off the bat, John got a shot.  Jack made two good saves, and Carlos made two nice checks.  Ernesto lifted out spirits with a goal, but Renbrook tied it at the end of the first quarter.

Both Daniel and Alvaro scored a goal in the second quarter.  Jack had some good clears.  Renbrook scored one goal during the second quarter.  Aya had some good checks.  Andres E. scored a goal towards the end of the second quarter, and Cormac was open if he couldn’t have taken it.  

Ernesto started at goal in the third quarter.  Jack, who was now playing midfield, scored on a good shot at goal.  Will, who was playing attack, had a good look to Jack.  Some passing and ground balls seemed to be coming together during certain parts of the game.

During the fourth quarter, Jack, Kyle, and Wes all took shots.  The Falcon’s also made some excellent passes. The game ended with a final score of IMS 4 and Renbrook 2.  It was a well played game by both teams and an even match-up.