The Lower Campus was glittering and brimming with work created by our youngest artists on Thursday, May 2. Based on our Lower Campus all-school study of “transportation,” Ms. Jenkins designed a curriculum of “time travel” for this year’s art classes. Friends and family gathered to view over 120 works that ranged from Gustav Klimt inspired portraits imbued with gold accents, floating hot air balloons inspired by the Montgolfier Brothers’ invention in 1780, dolls inspired by contemporary and historical artists, and even a recreation of the caves at Lascaux.


Proud parents, grandparents, and faculty were able to pause and enjoy works by their own children and marvel at the skills of others as well. A special joy at the show was seeing the inventive and imaginative titles the students come up with, such as a painting of a plump chicken titled, “This Chicken Will Never Fly.” The work will be up for another two weeks, so stop by and see us.