Mr. Shuman and Mr. McGlone produced a hilarious video to introduce the Academic Bowl this year. Check it out below!

Three rounds and 100+ questions later, The Maroon team consisting of Filippo Botta, Max Rose, Gerrard Bentley, and captain Issey Callaway were able to defend there title of Academic Bowl champions against the Gray, whose members were John Humes, Jonah Adler, Joey McGlone and captain John Vantin by a score of 600-330. Mr. Shuman served as quiz master and keeper of useless knowledge extraordinaire, asking the teams questions in a variety of subjects including math, history, sports, pop-culture, English, and Indian Mountain School trivia. Maroon leads the all time series 3-1. A big thank you goes out to the enthusiastic student body whose support was great throughout the bowl, Mr. Miles and the IT dept for the sound, and all faculty members who submitted questions. Until next year!