The opening days of school are about adjusting to new routines and getting into the flow of the academic year, but more importantly, they are about forging friendships and setting the tone for the next ten months. One of the most celebrated fall events is the “Maroon vs. Gray Sorting Hike,” which connects the time-honored school color rivalry with our 600-acre campus—it takes school spirit to another level.

With great anticipation, the entire Upper Campus hikes to the top of our old ski trail to officially sort our newest community members into one of the two teams representing our school colors. During the school year, “Maroon” faces off against “Gray” academically, athletically, and through our motto, “Life Through Service.” From Mountain Day to the Academic Bowl, there are many opportunities for students to earn points for their team.

Whether our newest friends were sorted into the defending champion “Gray” team or the underdog “Maroon” team, the hike established a foundation for what is sure to be an exciting year filled with growth, fun, and fierce but friendly competition.