Each day, whether we’re flexing our kindness muscles on the Lower Campus or embodying our core values of honesty, compassion, and respect on the Upper Campus, community is emphasized in meaningful ways at IMS.

Last week, we welcomed Sweethearts and Heroes to campus for a day of interactive presentations to educate children and teachers about the impact of bullying in schools and other communities. The program was tailored for different age groups on both campuses. This was the group’s second trip to campus; last spring we welcomed them to explore the importance of bystander empowerment, to build empathy within our community, and to develop leadership skills across all grade levels. This year they covered similar topics on the Lower Campus and shared information about cyber-bullying on the Upper Campus.

This year, the work of Sweethearts and Heroes will extend beyond their presentations. IMS will be piloting a program called “Braves” that will bring Upper Campus student leaders to the Lower Campus for a period of weeks to run bully training drills with third and fourth grade students. These student-leaders received hands-on training from Sweethearts and Heroes and from IMS faculty. The drills focus on simple role-playing scenarios to train students on the best approaches to certain situations when they witness bullying.

Recommended Resource from Sweethearts and Heroes for Parents: