The annual battle of Maroon vs. Gray was a spirited and hard fought contest in 2010. The students and faculty of both teams displayed exceptional sportsmanship while competing in the first leg of the Team Cup competition. Students competed in events such as Mountain Biking, Obstacle Course, Ultimate Frisbee, Tug of War, Slow Bike Racing, Tricycle Racing, Pillow Jousting, and several other events. Momentum was hard to maintain as the teams matched victories in the early going.

At midday, students enjoyed a break from competition and took a hike up the mountain for a bit of lunch. Competitions resumed shortly thereafter with teams competing in the Pass the Peanut and several additional events. Though both teams were eager to speculate, final results remain sealed until the presentation of the Team Cup in the spring of 2011.

Closing this year’s Mountain Day the ninth grade students gathered at the top of the hill alongside Becket House to enjoy the upperclassmen’s ritual waterslide. Screams of glee could be heard throughout campus as the students slipped, spun, and hurtled down the soapy slide again and again. As the day finally drew to a close the glow from exhausted smiles worn on the faces of the students of IMS pronounced another successful IMS Mountain Day.