This year, the Moving Up Ceremony “moved down” to the Lower Campus. On Thursday, June 7, 2018, Head of School Jody Reilly Soja offered welcoming remarks and Head of the Lower School Rebekah Jordan honored the class as they transitioned from the Lower to Upper Campus of Indian Mountain School. Her address highlighted themes from their year-long study, Africa: Cultures, Community, and Creativity.

Ms. Jordan remarked, “Today is a big milestone for each of these students, and for you as parents, friends, and teachers. My challenge to all of you today, and particularly for you, fourth grade, is to stop sometime later; after all of the hub-bub has died down; and notice the people. Fourth grade, you are surrounded by love, encouraging faces, and so many people who believe in you and everything you will accomplish. Take that love and your own faith in yourselves and go do incredible things. And most of all, in the spaces in between, be sure to be kind, be safe, and have fun.”

The students sang Good Times by All Time Low and Liberian folk song, Banuwah, accompanied by Ms. Banks.


Ms. Jordan also acknowledged Fourth Grade Teacher Rob Rennie, who will be moving on to teach in a new school next year. It was evident how much Mr. Rennie will be missed by students, faculty, and families alike.

After the traditional slideshow created this year by Jeff Pzynski, the rising fifth graders and their parents enjoyed refreshments on the playground. We look forward to having this group on the Upper Campus next fall!

Congratulations to the following students, who received certificates for completing grade four at the Lower School.

Rising Fifth Graders from the Lower School Class of 2018
(IMS Class of 2023)

Ella Elisabeth Armstrong
Ajay Sivakumar
Greta Josephine Dunavant
Oliver Lehner Pzynski
June Kovach Eaton
Paisley Emilia Pecchia
Sophia Ann Sorriento
Tristan William Kokoszka
Isela Amielle Tolentino
Shane Ravi Lischin
Tyler John Roberts