The top five Indian Mountain players won each of their matches against opponents from Trinity Pawling school on route to a 5-2 Indian Mountain victory on Friday.  Nicky played an outstanding match, winning both his first and second games 11-7 and 11-5 respectively before his opponent increased his intensity to win the third game 11-9.  Both players battled during the fourth game, batting powerful shots back and forth, displaying excellent footwork, and executing amazing gets.  In the end, Nicky overcame his opponent’s early advantage to win the game 12-10 and the match 3-1.  The match proved to be the most exciting nail biter of the season for the IMS squad and both teams gathered to cheer for their player.

Other notable matches were played by Aya, who also won his match in four games, and Heidi, who lost her match after forcing it to five games.  Exhibition matches were won by Avian and Morgan.  Indian Mountain coaches were delighted with the passionate play of their players in what was some fantastic and healthy competition.  The IMS team will play Trinity Pawling again on February 9.  It will be an eagerly anticipated rematch.