Each month, we interview two IMS athletes, asking them a series of questions about sports, school, and life. This October, we’re featuring ninth and eighth graders Simon and Sophia.

9th Grade  | Cross Country

Sophia: 8th Grade  | Mountain Biking

What’s your most memorable IMS athletic experience?

Simon: This year there has been one runner from an opposing school who has always been a little bit ahead of me. Well, actually at the beginning of the year he was a lot ahead of me, but I’ve been getting closer to him each race in timing. So it’s really interesting to see how close I can get to him, or if I can beat him.

Sophia: So my favorite moment overall of the season was that last year there was not a lot of people and this year it’s a bigger team and we race more, last year we didn’t race as much.

What are your hopes for athletics in high school?

Simon: Well I hope I can keep running cross country since I’ve been telling each school [that I apply to] that I run cross country.

Sophia: I’m hoping to do mountain biking in high school and hopefully see if any of the schools have a girls team.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Simon: I like anything cherry flavored.

Sophia: I love chocolate.

What is your favorite movie?

Simon: I like any of the Marvel movies.

Sophia: One of my favorite movies is Talladega Nights. Shake ’n Bake!