The Bobcats emerged a little sluggish as they took the field for their first competitive game of the season on Wednesday; however, they picked up the pace in the second half of play.  Berkshire Country Day School scored a quick succession of goals to begin the game, and the IMS team had to improve their teamwork in the second half in order to present a more organized defense and incorporate better ball transition into their attack.  The result was a much more competive half that both players and coaches believe is more indicative of the team’s potential playing ability for the season.

Andrew and Anna proved to be the standout Indian Mountain offensive performers.  Anna had a fantastic shot in the first half that was just stopped short of scoring, while Andrew was undeterred by the aggressive BCD defensive players and managed to move the ball into scoring position on several occasions.  The top Bobcat defensive player proved to be Elle, who contributed some great clears from her stopper position.

The Bobcats learned a lot about cooperation and team play during their opening game, and they look to improve their performane further when they travel to the Dutchess Day School Tournament on Friday.