On June 7, a beautiful sunny day at IMS, the awarding of prizes took place under the tent on Stockton Field. The awards ranged from athletics to drama to Latin and many others listed below. Everyone gathered at the flagpole for the results of the Maroon and Gray competition. The Maroon team won by a narrow margin, and their flag will fly proudly on the flagpole next year. The program concluded with the ceremonial ringing of the bell to signal the official end of the school year.

Later at the Prize Day All School Party, everyone feasted on picnic fare, popcorn, cotton candy, and ice cream sundaes while  face painters and balloon artists delighted the youngest among our community. Ram Miles and his Advanced Phunk band played for the crowd and a few energetic dancers. It was a great day to celebrate accomplishments and enjoy the few remaining hours of the school year together.

Congratulations to all of the prize recipients for a job well done!

Athlete of the Year 
9th Grade Boy:  Jon Cook
8th Grade Boy:  Will Bliss
7th Grade Boy:  Sherman Cravens

9th Grade Girl:  Caitlin Wood
8th Grade Girl:  Andie McGraw
7th Grade Girl:  Kesi Cania

Sportsmanship Award:  Jesse Calder, Lilly Schopp

Music:  Talia Bush, Michael Carter, Griffin Hochstetter, Andrew Colangelo

Ensemble 8th Grade: Jin Hoon Lim
Ensemble 9th Grade:  Irene Byun, Mary Ma, Helena Seo

Mountain Voices 8th Grade:  Ella Schmidt
Mountain Voices 9th Grade:  Za Floyd

Drama 8th Grade:  Alex Barnes-Schwartz, Cormac Bell
Drama 9th Grade:  Ella Schmidt

Art 7th Grade:  Nate Smith, Shelby Luminati
Art 8th Grade:  Jin Hoon Lim, Lauren Kim
Art 9th Grade:  Kelly Yu, Janessa Cheung

Film:  Za Floyd

English 7th Grade:  Skye Guindon, Sarah Mendelsohn
English 8th Grade:  Heidi Reiss, Sarah Smith
English 9th Grade:  Ella Schmidt, Lulu Nwokoefor-Laz

ESL Bridge: Glen Yin
ESL Writing and Grammar:  Amy Son
ESL Reading and Vocabulary:  Fiona Li

Study Skills 7th Grade: Kesi Cania
Study Skills 8th Grade:  Alex Ivanoff

Latin IA:  Alex Li
Latin IB:  Helena Seo
Latin II:  Michael Namon
Latin 9:  Jon Cook

Spanish IA:  Anna Duggan
Spanish IB:  Charlie Morgenstein
Spanish 1I:  Hayden Graham

Mandarin 1A:  Sherman Cravens
Mandarin 1B:  Alex Barnes-Schwartz
Mandarin II:  Lilly Schopp

Pre Algebra:  Lorrisa Luo, Lizzie Devlin, Emma Jaeger, Nate Smith
Algebra 1:  Sean Dowd, Alex Li, Za Floyd, Liam Bullock, Mia Vantine
Algebra II:  Ken Park
Geometry:  Mary Ma, JiAnne Kang
Pre Calculus:  Irene Byun

Earth Science:  Max Jimenez, Nate Smith
IPS:  John Sutor, Khaleel Maturine, Fiona Li, Joe Kim
Biology:  Harry Shea, Helena Seo, Griffin Hochstetter, Hayden Graham

Early US History:  Max Jimenez, Bryant Jung
Modern US History:  Heidi Reiss, Adam Lucas
Ancient Civilization:  Charlie Morgenstein, Talia Bush

Enjoy your summer!