Top students received awards for their contributions to the classroom, athletics, and the arts.

On June 6 the awarding of prizes took place under the tent on Stockton Field. The awards ranged from athletics to drama to Latin and many others listed below. There was great anticipation for the results of the Maroon and Gray competition. The Gray team won by a narrow margin, and their flag will fly proudly on the flagpole next year. There was a surprise singing of the IMS Birthday Song to Head of School, Mark Devey whose 50th birthday coincided with Prize Day!  The program concluded with the ceremonial ringing of the bell to signal the official end of the school year.

Later at the Prize Day All School Party, everyone feasted on picnic fare, popcorn, cotton candy, and ice cream sundaes while  face painters and balloon artists delighted the youngest among our community. It was a great day to celebrate accomplishments and enjoy the few remaining hours of the school year together.

Congratulations to all of the prize recipients for a job well done!

Music:  Andrew Vagliano, William Perekslis, Glen Yin

Ensemble 9th Grade:  Amy Son, Lauren Kim, Geena Ko, Bryant Jung, Lindsay Luo

Mountain Voices 9th Grade:  Kailin Wright, Paola Albitos

Drama 7th Grade:  Riley Bona
Drama 8th Grade:  Maddi Devey
Drama 9th Grade:  Lizzie Devlin, Khari Smart

Art 7th Grade:  Sara Renkert, Patrick Madden
Art 8th Grade:  Sam Humes, Chizbel Oham
Art 9th Grade:  Julia Seo, Amy Son

English 7th Grade:  Phoebe Torres
English 8th Grade:  Abby Quinn, Sarah Mendelsohn
English 9th Grade:  Kailin Wright, Bryant Jung

ESL Bridge: Ken Wu
ESL:  Yi Zhou Chen

LAD 1A: James Moir
LAD 1B:  Adam Colangelo

Latin IA:  Maggie Zhu
Latin IB:  Jin Hoon Lim
Latin II:  Zach Chandler

Spanish IA:  Chizbel Oham
Spanish IB:  Sophie Wilder
Spanish 1I:  Rawson Clough

Mandarin 1A:  Patrick Madden, Riley Bona, Julie Park
Mandarin II:  Maggie Markgraf

Pre Algebra:  Spencer Quinn, Izzy Maher, Alvaro de la Cruz, Riley Bona
Algebra 1:  Lorissa Luo, Santi Boud’hors, Julina Yang
Geometry:  Khaleel Maturine, Rawson Clough

Earth Science:  Spencer Quinn, Lilianna Zyszkowski
8th Grade Lab Science:  Geena Ko, Kesi Cania, Lorissa Luo, Sam Humes, Nate Smith
Biology:  Bryant Jung, Jin Hoon Lim, Maggie Markgraf, Lindsay Luo

Early US History:  Maya Hart
Modern US History:  Adam Colangelo, Max Jimenez
Ancient Civilization:  Jan Rosse
9th Grade History:  Khaleel Maturine

7th Grade Athletes of the Year: Dylan Schmalz, Riley Wood, Izzy Maher
8th Grade Athletes of the Year:  Elle Depres, Sherman Cravens
9th Grade Athletes of the Year:  Sophie Wilder, Will Bliss

Sportsmanship Award:  Mia Vantine, Khari Smart
Enjoy your summer!