Indian Mountain School has a long tradition of awarding prizes to individual students, parents, and friends of the school who have embodied the characteristics of each of the awards.


The Triangle Prize is awarded to a student who best fulfills the characteristics of good scholastic effort and achievement, citizenship and service, and athletic ability and coachability.


The Austen Fox Riggs Prize is awarded annually to the student whose strong character and positive participation made a significant contribution to our school community.


The Schutte Prize is given each year to the student who has shown the most outstanding improvement in all areas of school life, with attitude as the dominant determinant.


The Doolittle Prize embodies those qualities that past Headmaster, Mr. William Doolittle brought to Indian Mountain for so many years: a love of books, people, the out-of-doors, and of spirit.


The Rouse Prize is awarded annually to the graduating member of the senior class who best demonstrates the high ideals that have been embodied by Mr. Rouse as Headmaster. These qualities include vital leadership within the school community and a respect for the integrity of each of its members.


The McMillen Prize is given to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to volunteerism and service to our IMS community and the community at large, which supports our motto life through service. The recipient of this prize shares in action and spirit the devotion of service so characterized by Foster McMillen.


The John S. W. Spofford Award is given in honor of John Spofford, a former president of the board and still an active trustee; his passion and devotion to Indian Mountain School has helped bring the school to its present strong reputation.


In an effort to recognize past recipients of these prestigious awards, the first annual Prize Winner Dinner was held on Saturday, November 13. Alumni and past trustees from many generations attended the event. The prize winners gathered for cocktails and exchanged heartfelt stories about their time at IMS. Head of School Mark A. Devey graciously acknowledged our esteemed alumni and friends and spoke about the fine character of a true IMS student. After cocktails the group had a lovely dinner together and exchanged more memories.