The Falcon varsity soccer team played a fantastic first half against Berkshire School on Friday.  Unfortunately, they struggled to adjust to the windy conditions during the second half and fell victim to a determined Berkshire attack when the team’s starting goalie, Jake, fell victim to a minor injury.  Jake made many great saves during the first half, and his presence was missed greatly after he left the field.  The boys put forth a strong team effort throughout the game, and the final score is not necessarily indicative of the animated conflict on the field.  IMS definately looks prepared for the upcoming Eaglebrook Tournament.  Alejandro scored the first IMS goal of the game, and the boys left the field with a 1-0 lead at halftime.  With the wind in their faces, the boys struggled to match Berkshire speed off the ball when play resumed, and they quickly fell behind.  Nicky successfully scored the second Falcon goal of the game late in the half, which helped the team maintain their intensity.  The boys will continue their “road trip” when they travel to play Chase Collegiate on Wednesday.