The IMS winter drama production presented on December 16 at 7:00pm.

Sam Spud, Private Eye by Maureen Ulrich, is a parody of the cheap detective novel. Sam Spud is a down-on-his-luck private eye with a fondness for junk food and clichés. He is convinced that his down-to-earth secretary Jane Reynolds has a crush on him. Sam’s luck seems to change when Lula Baum-Schell, a gorgeous former model and actress, hires Sam to help find her husband, Edward, a wealthy dog food magnate. Police detective Inspector Oiseau complicates matters when he enters the picture and stirs up old resentments that started when he and Sam worked the Velveeta Cheese case. Time is of the essence as Sam visits his informants on Tin Pan Alley and at Danny’s Diner looking for leads. Will Sam be able to solve this case before the kidnappers kill Edward? Your guess is as good as ours!

Sephanie Hahn


Sam Spud…Griffin Hochstetter
Jane Reynolds…Ella Schmidt
Inspector Oiseau…Cormac Bell
Lula Baum-Schell…Heidi Reiss
Phoebe Baum-Schell…Maddi Devey
Junior…Will Bliss
Danny…Christopher Newallo
Doris…Emma Jaeger
Light Fingers Laverne…Alex Barnes-Schwartz
Benny the Fence…Elsie Pryor
Second Story Sid…Lilly Schopp
Minnie…Za Floyd
Edward Baum-Schell Sr….Harry Shea
Martha…Rachel Yerks
Mrs. Schwartz…Kailin Wright
Mr. Schwartz…Joe Kim
Constable/diner patron…Ken Park
Constable/diner patron…Antonio del Valle

Stage Crew:
DeDe McKelvy, Andie McGraw, Mary Ma, Kika Reinhardt, Khari Smart
Lighting: Michael Carter, Zane Acord
Scenic Design: Craig Pecchia
Cover Art: Julia Seo

Special thanks to………
Victor Visockis, Liza Reiss
The Hotchkiss School Theatre Department
The Falls Village Children’s Theatre
Mizza’s Pizza
The amazing crew of Ken Marti
Jody Bliss, Trish Hochstetter, Ram Miles
Tory Jadow, JoAnne Tuncy
Indian Mountain School’s continued and
enthusiastic support of the arts!